"I had been training with Ashley at Elevate before having my baby. After birth, I needed to strengthen hips, lower back, and my body in general was pretty weak. After a couple of months of training with Ashley I felt stronger than ever! I could feel the difference even when carrying the baby."


"The number one thing that might have stopped me from joining the program is affordability, being that I am a college student. However, once I joined the program, I became cognizant of the fact that I made a worthwhile investment."


"The number one thing that might’ve stopped me from joining the program was lack of energy."

"This program helped me take control and regulate my blood pressure. I was placed on medication in July and was taking off in January due to working out constantly."


"After losing the inches from my waist, I feel so much more comfortable in jeans, pants, and skirts and I no longer restrict myself to wearing dresses. Committing to the 60 Day Melt Program has inspired me to continue my fitness journey beyond 60 days so I'm still going! Thank you Ashley!"

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